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Green Conference
Green Conference

Sponsorship Opportunities

IIASA invites you to become a sponsor of its 40th Anniversary Conference, Worlds within Reach: From Science to Policy, to be held in Austria on 24–25 October 2012 at the Hofburg Palace, Vienna, and on 26 October 2012 at IIASA, Laxenburg.

IIASA is a leader in providing public- and private-sector decision makers with systems solutions to the global problems of energy, climate change, food, water, poverty and equity for the benefit of mankind. The aim of this IIASA conference is to look beyond our current social and environmental circumstances and explore the worlds that lie ahead: worlds to which we aspire and that are already taking shape across regions, sectors, and at a global level.

As an international non-profit organization, financed primarily by national scientific institutions in Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe, we rely on collaboration with external funders to hold an event of this magnitude to focus on the global challenges emerging from the fast-paced and unprecedented transformations occurring in today’s world.

We propose various types of sponsorship, ranging from different levels of financial commitment to in-kind support. Sponsorship of the IIASA Conference confers a number of benefits.

For more information, please contact:
Ms. Susan Riley
Telephone: +43 2236 807 536
Fax: +43 2236 807 503
Email: riley@iiasa.ac.at


Why Sponsor?

Access IIASA’s network
Sponsorship is an opportunity to gain presence and greater recognition in the high-level global scientific and policymaking arena in developing and developed countries.

Speakers and participants will come from the high echelons of the Government of Austria, developed and developing country governments and embassies, international institutions such as the United Nations system and the European Union, and academic and research organizations from around the world.

Be involved in science for a better future
Association with up-to-the-minute thinking on our planet’s future from senior researchers at IIASA and some of the most highly regarded scientists in the world will enhance your own knowledge of possible future world scenarios and trends, reinforcing your position as a forward- thinking organization.

Among the questions analyzed will be: What kind of world can we expect to inhabit in the future? What kind of world will we need in order to sustain the fragile interlinked systems on which we depend for survival? What are the obstacles and opportunities that lie on the road ahead? How can we build sustainable pathways to a more stable and secure future?

Fulfill your corporate social responsibility
Sponsoring the Conference provides the chance to fulfill important social and environmental responsibilities in an innovative and visible way.

The Conference will provide many different platforms to introduce your corporate philosophy and services to an influential group of people at the top of their profession as well as a wider public audience via the various media and promotional activities planned.

Make a direct impact on achieving a sustainable world for tomorrow
Involvement in furthering globally significant research programs designed to improve human lives and protect the environment is vital in an uncertain world.

The IIASA Conference will generate high interest around the globe as a major source of new knowledge and fresh insights into the key global problem areas affecting humanity and the environment.

The fact that IIASA is a non-profit autonomous organization guarantees that 100% of all sponsorships will go directly to the conference. Moreover, all donations are tax deductible within Austria.


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